Sunday, August 16, 2009

born to be a star?

i can not count anymore the times that i dream of being with the Hollywood and local actors and actresses. Even those that are in the music industry. it started, as far as i can remember, when i am in grade 5. what are these dreams trying to tell me? are these telling me to be in entertainment industry and hopefully become famous too? how i wish its true..

anyway, i would like to share some of my unforgettable dreams about it.

Backstreet Boys: they went to our house in surigao del sur and fetch me. they said they were having a concert and they want me to be part of it. i did not hesitate, of course. then we flew. literally, we flew together in the sky and arrive in the venue of their concert abroad.

Romeo and Juliet movie: i am with claire danes as she was looking at the big sort of aquarium thing when she spotted leonardo, a.k.a romeo. claire then call me "jomarie, lets go!". we went up the giant stairway while romeo was staring at us.

michael jackson: i am watching his concert and was at the front seat. the crowd are crying out his name. as he finished his last song, i was standing near the stage where i can see him clearly and he can see me too. i said, "goodbye michael". he replied "good bye".

aga mulach: i was roaming around a village, when i suddenly lost my consciousness in front of a house. i was awakened when i felt that someone carried me. when i opened my eyes, it was him, aga mulach.

romnick sarmienta: we kissed

john lloyd cruz and albert martinez: i forgot the story about it but the three of us were together and we know each other.

i was not thinking about them when i am about to sleep that night. i just wish that, if if in my dreams i am able to be with the stars, i hope i can dream about brad pitt and me.

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