Monday, February 23, 2009


i hate it when i have my period. It is because i always have a dysmenorrhea, a very painful one. It feels like someone stab my abdomen with a number of large safety pins. I vomit. i can't stand. my lips become pale, my skin is cold, and my body is week.
i even experienced sleeping beside the toilet bowl in our bathroom because i can't bear the pain anymore and i continue to vomit, so i decided to sleep beside the said bowl. i don't care. i just want to feel comfortable.
days after my period, an excruciating headache is my visitor, as always. right now, i'm having that headache. i know the reason behind that pain but i cant understand why does it have to be this way. other women do not feel the way that i feel then they have their period. sometimes, i wish that i will be a man so i won't be able to experience these pains and aches.
before, i used to take midol to ease the pain. but i heared that it has an adverse effect. so i switch to taking up dolfenal, my saviour during menstrauation.

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