Tuesday, February 10, 2009


last night, we went to baclaran church. it was my second time to be there since i arrived in manila last month. but, i have been there before during my vacation here last year. it was an unforgettable experience because a mixture of spirituality and comedy has transpired.

spirituality. I have a religious mother. everytime she's here, it has always been her routine to visit quiapo and baclaran church. A devotee. one wednesday noon, she invited me and my sister to accompany her. while we arrived, i saw hundreds of devotees. Most of them were noticeably desperate. some of them knelt towards the altar, others pray in their own seats, and many were just lighting the candles. as for me, i am one of those who pray in their own seats. It was like i am having my retreat back in college days because i am able to realize that i have made a number of sins that i know God knows all of it. I am shy of talking to Him and asking for forgiviness and guidance as well. Though, it should not be because of the fact that we are just humans, not perfect, but still i'm shy. Okay enough with that. I continued talking to Him, praying that he will lead me to the right path that He wanted me to be and forgive me for all that sins that i have done. Afterwhich, I felt the lightness throughout my body and soul and was at ease to start a new beginning.:-) It was not only me that felt that way. I can see it too in the faces of those who walk out of the church.:-) It was then that I started believing that visiting baclaran church and have a talk with God can make us feel complete.

comedy. the funny thing was, we went there by 12 noon. it was very hot that i almost want to go back home because i not in the mood already.hehe my sweat is coming out from my pores! i dont like it. but my mom wants us to be there and i do not want to disappoint her. we dont have a car so we have no choice then but to commute. What I hate about manila is most of our time is spend on the travel. Traffic is the number one enemy in the road. If there is just one person who is traffic that causes the traffic here, then, we might have put him in jail!hehe Unfortunately, there is none.. anyway, we arrived at the church. its too populated that we only have a seat a the third to last bench on the right side of the church. Then, my mother told us to kneel down on the kneeler, so my sister and i do so.. Minutes after, i feel pain on my knees and i want to sit already. I want to laugh by then because my sister sits down first and my mother scolded fher for doing so.haha! my sister reasoned out that she felt pain on her knees already and she could not bear it anymore.. me, because i don't want to be scolded with strangers beside us, so i continued to kneel until we are done.. the result?hehe I find it hard to stand and i felt the slight swelling in my knees!hehe (the kneeler there is just a wood, no soft material added for comfort.) Is this the price i have to pay for being obedient to my mother?hehe i soon hope that it is not.hehe

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  1. The Baclaran Phenomenon is, first and foremost, the incredible number of people who come to the Redemptorist Church in Baclaran every Wednesday to make the Perpetual Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. It is estimated that at least 100,000 devotees come on regular Wednesdays, reaching about 120,000 on the First Wednesday of each month. The biggest turnout of the year is on Ash Wednesday. The crowd for that day simply defies estimate.

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